1800 Call Rates

1800 Call Rates

1800 numbers are ten-character business numbers that callers can reach at no cost using any Australian fixed mobile or fixed landline number. An 1800 number will give your business a professional presence outside your locality and can be used to serve as a single point of contact. 1800 numbers can be called toll-free, or freephone, and BPO are used often by businesses, call centers, customer service departments, and other organizations. 1800 numbers let customers get in touch with their service department at no additional cost. Lets Dial Instead of charging the customer for the call, calls to 1800 numbers from a customer’s phone are assigned to that number’s owner. Ajoxi business will pay a monthly cost to have an 1800 number.┬áThe charge is based on how many minutes the company uses.

What’s the secret to 1800 numbers working?

1800 numbers are inbound numbers. They can receive an incoming call. Each call made to your 1800 number is redirected to one of your existing answer points–individual landline or mobile numbers, whether local or international–according to how you set it up. If you call an 1800 number from any Australian landline, including a mobile, the call will be charged at no cost. 1800 numbers are also called Toll-Free Numbers and Free Call Numbers. Mobile calls can be made from any mobile phone; anywhere in the USA, the area code is provided as 726 area code and 727 area code.

How can the 1800 number help my business?

An 1800 number is a quick and easy way for customers to get in touch. It also helps improve customer care. Customers no longer need to worry if they have to dial complicated international codes or pay high fees. They can instead call your 1800 number and be assured that their query will be resolved quickly. An 1800 number not only improves customer satisfaction but also gives your business a feeling of corporate prestige. You have the freedom to establish call centers anywhere and have calls to your 1800 phone number forwarded there. you can also read our blog about BPO.

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